In a hurry

Hi All!

Yesterday I visited the animal market which was great fun (see pics) and did the last shopping. So I am ready now for Tibet and I will leave tomorrow so there will be internet silence until Ali, around 3 weeks. If time is short it might be that I will first update the blog in Kathmandu, (Nepal) so if you don’t hear anything from me the coming two months don’t worry. 

I will not cycle alone as I will cycle together with Daniel, a German recumbent cyclist. Furthermore Andreas von Hessberg (expedition cyclist from Bayreuth) and his girlfriend also leave tomorrow and in 4 days another pair of cyclists will head for Tibet so it’s going to be crowded up there. 

So see you all in Ali or in Kathmandu and take care! In the meantime enjoy some alternative cycle touring with Monty Python (look alike of Max) :-)




Ik speel fiets/ I play the bicycle

Nederlands: Een stukje muzikale geschiedenis. Een piepjonge baardloze Frank Zappa speelt ‘fiets’ bij zijn eerste TV optreden in de Steve Allen Show in 1963.
Toen was Zappa al een echte genie :)  
Helaas is Steve Allen nogal lomp en zet Zappa voor gek. 
Maar wie herinneren wij ons? Zappa! Beslis zelf wie de beste is…

English: a piece of music history. A very young beardless Frank Zappa plays ‘the bicycle’ on his first TV appearance in the Steve Allen show in 1963. 
He was already a real genius then :)
Steve Allen is rather blunt unfortunately and makes fun of Zappa.
But who do we rememember? Zappa! Decide for yourself who’s the best…


Saved by the bell

Nederlands: Je kunt niet zonder in Japan, werkt zelfs op roltrappen en in de supermarkt :-)

English: A must have in Japan, even works on escalators and in the supermarket :-)

Verkeer/Traffic India (movietest)

Verkeer in India lijkt warrig maar er zit een kasten systeem in. Goed kijken: grote auto voor kleine auto voor motorfiets voor brommer voor fiets voor voetganger.

Traffic in India looks chaotic but it is based on the caste system. Watch carefully: big car for small car for motorbike for bike for pedestrian.