Sheldon Brown: 1944-2008

Hi all,

Today I heard about the death of Sheldon Brown, famous cycle- mechanic guru.
The last years he suffered from progressive MS but despite this disease he remained optimistic and still hit the road using his nifty Greenspeed Trike.
He died of an heart attack on 03-02-08.

I learned a lot about bike mechanics from his website and I and the cycling community ow a lot of our knowledge to his extensive bicycle glossary
I really loved his optimistic view of the world and his humor; especially his Fools day jokes were marvelous. I even considered taking his ‘cycling helmet’  and ‘credit card’ with me on my journey :-)

He will be missed




Cracking Koga

Gute morgen all!

I just received an email from Toon from Louang Prabang (Laos) that the frame of his (aluminium) Koga has cracked (near the left back axle) a few days ago. He will go to Bangkok to buy a new bike (most likely a Trek) to complete the last two months of his journey so stay tuned…

I myself am back in the ‘Heimat’ again after some relaxing weeks in the Netherlands. I visited the hospital to get myself checked and according to the doctor I am ‘clean’ but the toilet thinks differently though :-) The docor thinks that because of the duration of the diareah, the hardship, foreign food and medicine the bacteria are not in balance anymore. So the following months I will have to build it all up again. Yogurt here I come :-)

In the meantime I am preparing a talk about my journey and working on my promotion but if I have time I’ll surely hit the road for some adventures. The google earth file of my trip is almost ready and I’ll put it online ASAP so don’t forget to have a look now and then :-)