One week message

Nathan is now a little over a week old and we three slowly get used to each other. Magda is recovering good and tomorrow we will go outside with Nathan for the first time. Our small boy drinks milk and tea like crazy and if he does not get what he wants he starts to “practise his lungs”.

Four days ago he opened his eyes, and, after leaving an important message to the wolrld, closed them again. Luckily papa was able to record Nathan’s opinion about Life, the Universe and Everything:

Furthermore I took some more pictures which can be found in Nathan’s Corner.
I am sure more pictures will be added regularly so don’t forget to check now and then :)

Cycle the world, Marc, Magda and Nathan

A baby, hooray!!

Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of updates (once again). The last months were very hectic with both work and arranging things for the baby.

We just got the nappies the day before yesterday and yesterday we had a biiiig surprise:
Our baby Nathan decided that it was time for him to be born!! We had expected him two weeks later but I think he was getting bored and wanted to see something of the world, just like his parents.

So on February 3r, 2011 at 14:30 Nathan set foot on earth :-) He is a healthy boy and weights a little more than 3.5Kg. All bits are attached and hearing the amount of noise he can make his lungs are strong, too. Perfect for cycling ;-)
I created a special place for him on this website. It is called Nathan’s Corner and you can find all his pictures there.

Magda is currently with Nathan in the hospital where she is recovering.
I expect them both home within a few days. Then it will be the “nappy-weeks” for us so it will be a hectic but also a beautiful time.

The first month we will take it easy but w are already planning to buy a baby-trailer for behind the bicycle so we can go for short tours when Nathan is older. Currently we are thinking of buying a Chariot or a Burley D’Lite.

I am sure we will have lot’s of adventures together on our coming journeys over the world and through life so stay tuned!

Marc and Magda