One month

Hi all,

Nathan is now more than one month old and is growing like cabbage. A few weeks ago his grandparents form the Netherlands visited us and we had a great time together. The pictures can be found here.

He is now skipping one meal and pamper during the night so we finally have a little more rest :) During the day he is now very busy with either crying or looking\fooling around so he certainly keeps us busy.
One of the few moments of rest is in the evening as at 19:00, BATH TIME. He likes it very much and after his bath and a bottle of milk he sleeps like a rose. I have put some pictures online.

We are now arranging his baptism (it will be at the second day of Easter) and his passport which is not as easy as we expected. You get one baby of 3.5 kg and 10 kg of paper work for free :-p
The coming period we will thus be very busy but I am sure that we will update the website soon so stay tuned!

All the best,
Marc, Magda and Nathan