I’ve got the power! Zzing…

Hi all,

As I am preparing my next project I’m also looking for better ways to charge the batteries for all the electronics I carry. The home-made battery charger is OK but very fragile and I had lots of problems during the trip.

Not anymore! Thanks to kind sponsoring by Zzing I now have a very fancy, beautiful battery charger! Thank you Zzing team :)

So how does it work? The package is delivered in a stylish wooden box and contains the Zzing and the components to install the Zzing on the bicycle. The Zzing itself can be easily removed using a mounting system so you can take it with you.
The Zzing contains an accupack (5x 2400 or 2700 NiMh) which charges all kind of equipment by using an USB-Out located at the left side on the front. In the middle you can find a bright LED light so you can use it as a torch. On the far right it has a power-in, which connects to the dynamo (hub -or rim).

When you’re cycling the power can be used directly to charge all kind of equipment but because of the accu you can also charge when you’re not cycling. Additionally the Zzing can be charged using an AC-adapter so it is also very neat to have when you stay in hotels irregularly when backpacking :)

The following weeks I’ll buy the cables etc to charge my mobile phone, camera, AA batteries and GPS over USB and start testing. I’ll also torture the Zzing in Bayreuth the coming months on offroad tours to test if it would survive the harsh conditions encountered during my journeys.

So stay tuned!


  1. Rob
    June 11th, 2009 | 10:10

    Hi, thtnks for the short testing and description , I wasn’t sure to buy it but now I am :)
    thanks and Regards from Germany,

  2. C de Groot
    March 12th, 2010 | 14:36

    Please give an update about testing the Zzing

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