Four weddings and a bicycle

Hi All,

Sorry, sorry and even more sorry for the complete lack of updated the last year but it was a very hectic roller coaster ride.

So time for a short summary:
After my promotion I started to look for a Job in Poland as I wanted to live together with Magda , my girlfriend (yes yes, she is the one who was writing comments all the time during my world journey). Finally I found a job as  Incident handler at Capgemini in Katowice. However, to get the job I had to move to Poland within two weeks which was A LOT of work. But thanks to the help of all our friends all went fine and we are now living together in Tychy with our cat, Panthera.

My new job takes up most of my time and when not we are both busy in the appartment and the garden as there is still a lot to be done.
Next to this we spend a lot of our time on something bigger: WE ARE GETTING MARRIED ON 28.08.10 :-D
So now we are running around doing reservations, paperwork (how they looove stamps in Poland), logistics etc etc. Great fun but we don’t have that much time for cycling and other things at the moment.

Cycling? Yes :-) Magda didn’t get the traditional ring for our engagement but a great bicycle put together by Stephan. Thanks a lot!
So from now on we will cycle together aaaand not only in Poland but also abroad. One month ago we went for a great holiday on Zakynthos, Greece. It is a beautiful small island, famous for its flora and fauna and we did do many trips, by boat, on foot and on the bicycle.

The rest of our free time we wil use for attending the weddings of our German friends; there must be something in the air this year :-) Nonetheless I am sure we will make many nice trips in Poland and also in Germany this year.
I promise that the update with Zakynthos will come veeeery soon so in the meantime don’t forget to enjoy the pictures of one year living in beautiful Poland! You can find them here.

All the best,
Marc and Magda


  1. October 1st, 2010 | 0:58

    hi, ihr lieben,
    hab ueberhaupt nicht bemerkt, dass es ja hier *schon* weitergeht!!!!!
    klasse… ich gucke mir zwar noch manchmal von der grossen reise die bilder an, aber dies fiel mir hier gar nicht auf… *schaem* nun bleibe ich natuerlich am ball!!
    liebe gruesse im namen von uns allen hier - ingrid

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