One week message

Nathan is now a little over a week old and we three slowly get used to each other. Magda is recovering good and tomorrow we will go outside with Nathan for the first time. Our small boy drinks milk and tea like crazy and if he does not get what he wants he starts to “practise his lungs”.

Four days ago he opened his eyes, and, after leaving an important message to the wolrld, closed them again. Luckily papa was able to record Nathan’s opinion about Life, the Universe and Everything:

Furthermore I took some more pictures which can be found in Nathan’s Corner.
I am sure more pictures will be added regularly so don’t forget to check now and then :)

Cycle the world, Marc, Magda and Nathan


  1. February 17th, 2011 | 17:47

    Congratulations, Marc & Magda! I wish you and Nathan all the best for his life. He’s born into what I suppose to be the most interesting times this planet has seen in a long time. I think the fate of humanity on this planet lies in the our and Nathan’s generations hands. So I wish him and us all the best, a lot of love & peace as well as great adventures like the ones of his father Marc!

    Greetings, Daniel

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