Hi all!

During my travels I always use a voice recorder as I am to lazy to keep a diary. The last week I finally listened to all of them and I want to share some of them with you. They show the hardship and adventures (including bureaucratic ones) I had during my travels and my opinion about the people and countries I travelled through. It is all very personal and sometimes my opinion is very colored (see India) so don’t feel offended. I hope you all get an idea what makes me ‘tick’ as a world cyclist and what kind of experiences you get when cycling over the world. The recordings are in dutch.

Have fun :-)

Why I prefer to cycle:

Russian soldiers at the Afgani border:

Fighting my way up through the storm on the Kyzal Art pass (4289m):

Small sample of the incredible Chinese Buro-crazy ;-) :

Beautiful hell of Tibet, climbing the Lhakpa La (5252m!) in an ice-storm:

First impressions of Nepal-paradise after 1.5 months icecold and remote Tibet:

Crazy India, an example after 24h waiting on the train and finally getting my bicycle:

Cycling in Mombay, India, on a big road and how to find a hotel ;-) :