About me


Born 14.01.1977, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Residence: Bayreuth, Germany
Profession: Biologist
Hobbies: Travel, Nature, Sport
The bike always has been my primary mode of transport and after my first cycletour to the Ardennes I started reading travel reports and fantasised about undertaking those journeys myself. Since then I did multiple tours, first in groups, later solo in more and more remote areas. I love loneliness and being dependent on myself. All those years I had the dream of a worldtour in the back of my head.
In 2006 as a final test I cycled through Jordan and Egypt and that was a success. Then I knew for sure, I’m a curious explorer and I wanted to realise my dream by cycling to Tibet. From May onwards that’s exactly what I will do!


Bought 20.02.2004, Bayreuth, Germany
Residence: Marc’s bike
Profession: Honk
Hobbies: Travel, Cheering, Sun basking
My tortoise Theodor likes to talk with me and he always cheers up the kids, soldiers and corrupt policemen with his dashing personality. He also helps me out in the traffic over and over again. So he joins me on this trip. He’s realy looking forward to Turkey (Tortoises!) and the sunny desert countries but he’s a little afraid of Tibet. I’m sure Theodor will make it! Unfortunately Theodor has disappeared in Uzbekistan, I wish him the best for the future. We had a great time together and I will miss him.

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