My Gear

Marc’s gear

Topeak Allien multitool
Rohloff tools
Allan key nr 2
Swiss armyknife
Topeak masterblaster pump
1x Rohloff chainlube
Valve adapter
Spare parts
Spokes 12x
Brakepads, 1 set
Powerlink SRAM
Magura HS33 spare parts
FAIV Hoogar lowrider spare parts
Tent spare parts (zipper+canvas)
Cooker spare parts
Rohloff cable and connectors
Usermanual Rohloff
Usermanual Magura
2x inner tubes
1x foldable tire Schwalbe XR
Glue (2 tubes)
Patex instant glue
Sparehooks Ortlieb panniers

Electronics ‘n stuff
Hubdynamo batterycharger (selfbuilt)
VP3320-S Imagetank, 40GB with MP3 player, radio and voicerecorder, by X’s-drive
Li-ion camera battery 2x
SD memmorycards, 2x 1GB, 1x 2GB
SD cardreader
Pezl headlamp
Personal alarm (when securing bike)
Spare keys
Compass, by Recta
X3 HR watch, by Suunto
Pocket waterfilter, by Katadyn, water isn’t always drinkable on route
Bike computer
Batterycharger for Li-ion battieries
AA NiMh batteries 8x
Explorist 200 GPS, by Magellan. For tracking the route and emergencies

First aid
Antibiotics (one against pneumoniae, one against micro organisms)
Anti Giardia: Flagyl
Anti diarreah: Immodium, so I can ‘plug’ myself if I must cycle. EMERGENCY ONLY
Anti headache: Paracetamol
Painkiller: Ibuprufen
Anti altitude sickness (Diamox). EMERGENCY ONLY
Jodium dissinfectant cream
Second skin

Shaving oil, by Williams. One drop of oil is all you need
Towl, quickdrying
Sun cream: so I don’t burn alive, a MUST have for me
Lipstick with UV protection

Tent: Sirius Extreme, by Exped. Two person 4 season tunneltent with plenty of room, 3Kg
Down Airmatress, by Exped. Comfy mattress isolates to -15C
1x titanium rockstake
Sleepingback, Down. Comfort -15C By Robers. I like down as ist is warm, compact and light
Silk liner: to keep the sleepingbag clean, as extra insulation or for hot weather or filthy hotels
Primus varifuel cooker. Burns everyting except Yak dung and LPG
Petrol bottle
Ladle 1x
Pot 1x
Spork (spoon+fork)
Steelwool rag
10 liter waterback, by Ortlieb
Two 1.5L PET bottles, by Mecca Cola/Coca Cola/Ignur Limo etc


Conquest Rainjacket, by Agu
Raintrowsers, by Craft
Tummam softshell jacket, by Mammut
R1 Fleece, by Patagonia
1x wool longsleeve Techtop shirt, by Icebreaker. Wool doesn’t pickup smell and isolates when wet
1x wool longjohn, by Icebreaker
1x cycleshorts
2x boxershorts (synthetic), by Craft
1x short sleeve thin T-shirt (synthetic), by Bigpack
1x longsleeve thin T-shirt (synthetic), by Bigpack
1x hikingtrousers with zip-off legs, worn over cycleshorts because of Islamic countries
2x wool hikingsocks, by Smartwool
1x thick woolen socks, by Falke
Hiking sandals, by Columbia. For use in warm wather, filthy showers or river crossings
Hiking shoes (cat B), by Lowa. For cold or rainy weather. Bicycle shoes are not conventient
Thin fingerless bicycle gloves, by Roeckle: for extra comfort and protection
Windstopper bicycle gloves, by Roeckle: for cold weather
Buff: as a scarf, balaclava etc
Adjustabel cap with neckshade, by Gorilla Wear. Great for deserts or chilly days.
Wintercap, by Lowe Alpine. A must have for Tibet or on chilly knights
Glacier glasses (cat 3), by Julbo. For everyday use and for extra protection in the mountains

Ortlieb front roler classic 2x
Ortlieb backroller classic 2x
Ortlieb ultimate 5 handle bar bag
Orlieb drybag 17M
Ziplock plastic bags

For two days and one emergency ration pack, snacks. In remote areas more is carried

Travel inssurancy
passport photo’s 10x: for visa
Insurance pass
EC card
Cash dollars (+ 100$ hidden in the bike. No, I won’t tell where)
Copy passport on USB and Email
Copy EC card on USB and Email
Adresses, phonenumbers of embassies, family and friends
Ballpoint, pencil. Ballpoints leak at 4000m+
Small notepad
Some photo’s about myself, family and friends
Point it booklet, by Point it. Lots of pictures of everyday items etc. The size of a creditcard
Postcards from the Netherlands and Germany as gifts
Maps and guides (see below)

Parcel (send to Kashgar, China)
1x Rohloff SLT-99chain
1x Rohloff sprocket
1x rohloff lube
two sets of brakepads
Other stuff I’ll need then

Guides (mostly not LP as LP is far to paranoid)
Footprint Turkey, ISBN: 1900949857. Lots and lots of info, way more than LP
Reise Knowhow Iran, ISBN: 3831712107. Lots of info, but not for low budget travellers like us
Lonely Planet Central Asia, ISBN: 08644226739. The only practical guide, communist bashing
Tibet Overland, ISBN:1873756410. Written by a cyclist. Lots of Tibet tours

Tuerkei 1:750.000, Eurocart, ISBN: 3575221154. Shaded relief
General map of Iran 1:1.600.000, Gitashenasi, ISBN: 9643421341. Shaded relief
Central Asia 1:1.750.000, Nelles Map, ISBN: 3865740138. Shaded relief
The Pamirs 1:500.000, Gecko Maps, ISBN: 390659355. Contour lines
China northwest 1:2000.000, GiziMap, ISBN: 9630080516. Color relief
Tibet 1:1.500.000, World Mapping Project, ISBN: 3831770859. Color relief

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